Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Status report

Status of the workshop - - the roof is on, baby!

Apples in August (with no spray so far). Granted, they're not all this nice, but we're hopeful that we'll get a nice crop off this tree.

DD gets paid one penny for every apple she picks up - - she then puts them in the compost pile which makes for six very happy chickens!

Then she takes a break to let mama get her photo-fix:

DD's new 'do (only after I promised that she would still be able to put it in ponytails):

We truly enjoyed the Finke Family Reunion on Saturday. DD re-connected with her cousin Jacki, and the two had a blast. Uncle Lew fries up some fresh walleye he caught in Canada:
Lots of great food, conversation, and a special video made by Uncle Lew. The video had photos of family then & now put to music. The highlight was hearing my great-grandpa Carl (who died in 1983) singing his favorite ditty in German (I'm gonna cry again!). What a very special touch!

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Tracey Kendall said...

wow....can l tell you what amazing pictures these are. love that frist one.