Thursday, August 24, 2006


My baby went to Kindergarten yesterday. She has been so excited for like the last two months and was babbling about how great it would be up to the moment we stepped into her classroom. Then (out of the blue), my independent and confident little trouper turned into a cling-on! She did not want me to leave, she wanted to go home, she did not want to be a Kindergartner! After some tense moments (as if it wasn't hard enough for me already), some bribing ("ice cream after school"), and downright threats ("no more movies this week"), she finally let me leave.

She was fine, she did get ice cream and she did get to watch a movie when she got home. I know, I'm a sucker!

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Tracey Kendall said...

oh my heart goes out to you. My daughter starts her very first day of school in two weeks. She is really excited and l think she will be okay....i hope. I have been at home with her for almost 5 years now and well this will be her first time alone without me. truthfully l will be a mess when l get home without her. But l know it will be harder if she gets upset. i feel so sad that she is that big already. man does time fly by fast.

Your daughter looks so very sweet in her picture though. hope the rest of the days of school are a bit better for her. :)