Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Charmed Kitty Returns and Bad Kitty

Leah the cat has been returned safely and is adjusting to sharing food with the other two cats. To re-assure her of her prominent place at our farm, she was allowed to stay in the house all Saturday and most of Sunday. She got to cuddle on the couch, eat the dog's food, and "run our lives" for a couple days. Last night, she shared the remnants of a pork roast with Tiger and Snowball. Life is good for the animals at Gracious Acres.

Life is also good for the human inhabitants of Gracious Acres. Except for Gracie. Yesterday she stayed home with me because of a little cough. This child is NEVER sick (praise God), so when she gets as much as a sniffle, I like to keep her home and "baby" her. Even though she wasn't feeling her best, we had a really fun day. We ate breakfast together and actually took our sweet time instead of running out the door for work/school. She got to stay in her pj's until noon. We put together part of her quilt (made from scraps of her baby clothes). The strips of fabric are sewn together and attached to the muslin squares. We had a ball trying to figure out the pattern for the squares. Now, the squares need to be sewn together with the back and border.

We colored pictures and even played outside for a little bit. Hey, I said the kid had a little cough, not pneumonia!

That...was when things got interesting! She has a big playset out in the backyard with a "tower" over her sand box. She was trying to rescue Tiger (the cat) from the pretend alligators below, so she picked Tiger up and tried to "carry" him up the ladder to the tower. Apparently, Tiger is afraid of heights and made Grace very aware of his feelings. Grace now has eight little scratches/battle scars on her face as a result of her rescue efforts. DH says she would have been better off going to preschool! Thanks, DH.

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Becky said...

Thank you for the information on gym floor. We've heard how great the stuff is and looked for it when we refinished our floors in Waverly, but couldn't find it.

Thanks agian!