Sunday, June 10, 2007

Happy Sunday

Saturday morning, DH & DD and I helped at the Annual Dash & Splash 5k Run (organized by Nile & Glo). DH & DD drove the golf cart and I took photos. The winning time (and new course record) was 17:17! My goodness!
Took photos at a wedding reception last night (a paying gig!). Here's the happy couple and their beautiful niece:
Fellowship at church this morning, followed by a "youth only" service that DH helped organize (10 kids attended!). Nile & Glo and their kids & grandson (Adrian, 1.5 year old) came out to see the chicks, kittens, etc. Adrian was so cute to watch -- everything was a "duck".
We finally took the 26.8 pound turkey out of the freezer that we got from the neighbor. We had to hack off the wings in order to fit it into the biggest roasting pan we have. We cracked open a can of beer and stood it upright inside the turkey and put the lid on. So far, so good.
Dining al fresco this evening on the turkey wings (in a flavorful mesquite marinade), fresh new potatoes from the garden, radishes from the garden, and apple slices.
Despite sharing some of the turkey with all the cats, Leah was such a good kitty and got herself a little dessert:


karl said...

that looks delicious, the turkey not the mouse. good kitty hunting on a full belly.

Patti said...

Good Kitty!!!! Turkey looks yum!

Sandy@Reluctant Entertainers said...

Mmmm, that turkey looks delicious!