Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Life right now

It's funny how the seasons of our lives are so similar to nature's seasons. Winter with desolation, reflection, with moments of pure brilliance from the million diamonds reflecting off the cold snow. Spring with inner-stirring, hope, storms that can be violent yet nurture the fledgling life underneath. Summer with the heat, scorching, but can warm the soul. Fall's abundance, endings conditioned with brilliant strokes of art.

Life right now is many seasons - - storms of discontent, inner-stirring, hope for many things, moments of pure brilliance seen in the faces of family & friends.
Leah finally went back outside, but as you can see, she desperately wants back in.
My desk overfloweth with school books, garden planning, and church website research. All three overwhelm me. But I have the music of Alison Krauss and Eva Cassidy to keep me company.Question: the seeds in this box are all marked "2006" and have been out in the garden shed all winter - - do I dare use them this year?
I kicked the chickens out of their shed the other day to get it cleaned out. They are deathly afraid of the snow, so I made sure they had a path of grass to wander in. The warm weather has melted much more of the snow, so hopefully they will spend more time outside. But they sure seem to enjoy pecking around in a new bed of straw.

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sugarcreekfarm said...

I would think you could use those seeds. You might want to plant extra to make up for any decrease in germination rate.