Monday, July 10, 2006

Just lovely . . . and yours?

The weekend, that is. Farmers Market was great - - sold out again. Mom & Gramma were there and it was nice to chat between customers. Took Mom out for her birthday beer after Market. Had a most raucous time with some local barflies. When I got home, my DH came upstairs to tell me about the fireworks. Fireworks, on a Thursday night? Yes, we could see them lighting up the sky over Gladbrook, 20 miles away. That was the kickoff for their annual Corn Carnival, a great event for a small town (pop. approx. 1000).

Friday night we got into my favorite restaurant, That Place on the Corner (yes, it's really called that). The best steak around! DD behaved very well and we had a lovely time.

Saturday, DH ran some errands and DD & I worked in the garden tearing out most of the peas. I left a few that looked like they would still produce. They are a big hit at the Farmers Market.
Drove over to the Felix Grundy Festival in Grundy Center - - got rained out! So, I took a lovely nap on the couch. Later, the neighborhood ladies got together and went back to GC for the street dance featuring my favorite local band, "Loose Neutral." It was rockin' good with a fun crowd! We danced, sang, chatted, and had a ... lovely time.

Sunday morning arrived a little too soon, but we still got to church by 9 and had a very leisurely day. Would you believe I actually got another nap on the couch in the afternoon? Ken Burns Civil War documentary was on PBS - - and although I love his work, it tends to lull me to sleep.

DH and DD watered the new trees (over 80 gallons for 27 trees). DH made a great summer supper of grilled hamburgers, fried potatoes smothered in cheese, and strawberry jello with bananas! Just lovely. He took a solo motorcycle ride while I planned some Memory Works orders.

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