Monday, July 21, 2008

Cover Girl

Check this out! Yes, that's DD gracing the cover of The Iowan Magazine. I didn't want to say too much until we knew it was definitely happening. We were contacted in the Spring of 2007 by a freelance writer who wanted to "do a story on the chicken ladies of central Iowa." The writer came out in early June and the photographer came out later that month. We didn't hear much after that and thought we weren't interesting enough to make the article. Then, about six weeks ago, the writer contacted us again to review the draft of the story. But the whole cover photo was a big, wonderful surprise. DD thinks it's pretty cool, too. No autographs, please ;)


sugarcreekfarm said...

How cool! She makes an awfully cute cover girl :)

T n A said...

We are so Proud of her! Absolutely adorable! We're trying to figure out what her shirt says - My mom's a Ow???? We know you guys will keep her grounded and not let her become a Diva! We miss and love you guys!