Monday, June 16, 2008

Miss Independent

DD is getting to be so independent these days. We live a 1.5 blocks from the community swimming pool and she is able to walk up there, spend a couple hours, and walk home all by herself. Before I freaked out, I had to remind myself that I was doing the same thing at my age. And then I still freaked out. She loves the water, but knows her limits. She's taking lessons the next two weeks and I'm excited to see her progress.
DH is working at the college for a couple weeks on some unfinished projects. Then, hopefully, we can get back to work on our new house (all progress has stopped for the last 5-6 weeks due to the awful weather). A typical day goes like this: it rains, mud and water flow into the open basement, DH cleans it up/pumps it out, and it rains again. Frustrating.

One bright spot is that we have lots of free time. I never knew what that was until now. When we were on the farm, there was always a garden to weed, grass to mow, chicken chores, home improvement projects, etc. Now, we sit on the deck and sip lemonade, I take naps on the weekends, I read and take walks. Must say, I'm getting a little spoiled, but it's a nice break.

DD has shown interest in softball, so our friends Chris & Jenn loaned us a couple gloves and balls to try out. She loves it and DH has great patience.
You'll notice that Tucker the dog got his summer haircut. He's so much happier! And then DD found the ace bandages and occupied herself for an hour or so wrapping herself up. Like I said, lots of free time.

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