Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Fall, Y'all

Ok, so it's been a while. DH received a voicemail from his friend down south and prompted me to get back to bloggin'. Just haven't been up to sharing a lot that's going on here. Starting to come out of this mental fog that I've been in, thanks to the help of my DH, DD, some very good friends...and lots of prayer.

So glad that the garden is done for this year. The peppers were outrageously hot, the tomatoes outrageously unproductive, the corn was layed flat by the high winds. It was pretty much a crop failure all the way around except for the green beans - - I finally just let them go (after I put 20 1-gallon bags of them in the freezer). Then, last week I noticed that they had re-seeded themselves and a new crop was growing (until the frost killed them off Tuesday night).

The port on my camera went bad a few months ago, and I just figured out how to go "around" that issue, so I can finally bring you some photos. I don't have a lot of photos of the family to share, but I can show you the girls (and a couple roosters):

I have no idea what breed most of these chickens are (they're just "perty"), but I believe this one is called a turken (or "Larry" as we like to call it):

This speckled one is the friendliest:

At dusk, they all head to the coop, except for a brave few who still roost in the pine trees behind the coop.And this is poor "Gary" - - I think he's a mix-up with that extra batch of broiler chicks we got. I don't have the heart to cook him for dinner, but he sure is a pain. He's just learning how to crow in this muffled, heart-sick way. He likes to sleep in this rocker at night and I have to carry him into the chicken house to train him where to go, but he always sneaks back to this spot. So, I put the scare-"chicken" in the rocker to deter this bad habit...he crowed at it for half an hour, but the silly thing wasn't scared....

If you can't beat 'em . . . join 'em:

And these little guys are new - - yes, more chickens. Some people inherit jewelry or money; I inherit chickens. My uncle Wade passed away a few weeks ago shortly after he hatched these RIR's and his sister asked me if I would take them, so here they are:

I'm still taking some family photos - - this one is my good friend and neighbor:


T n A said...

Hi to all of you. First of all, we are so very sorry to hear of your uncle's passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We know it's been a tough year for you, your friends and fellow community members.
It was great to see that you checked our blog. If any of your chickens get out of control, we do have a gravel backyard and could possibly accomodate one. But we can't guarantee the hyenas or coyotes wouldn't get him.
We miss you and think of you often. Take care.

sugarcreekfarm said...

Hooray, so sweet to "see" you over the airwaves (or however this internet stuff travels) again! Missed you :) Much love, K

eyesofthewhirled said...

We don't know one another.... but I've been drawn to see if you were up and writing again every couple days and praying for the things in your life that you've been handed. It is so good to see new pictures, posts and music.

Aura said...

I got to your blog via your moms comment on mine. I LOVE all the chicken pictures. I am a big fan of chickens myself and miss my childhood times of being on the farm. My Mama is new to blogging as well and it is really kinda cute to see the Moms getting all technilogically inclined. Cheers.