Friday, May 05, 2006

Happy Birthday DD!

Today is DD's 5th birthday. I'm still amazed by how this little girl has changed my life. She's so funny (like her dad), smart, compassionate, sensible, inquisitive, and selfless. She recently blew out the toes of her tennis shoes and DH keeps telling her that he'll try to "build" her a new pair with some scraps of wood, fabric and string. She says, "oh, that okay, dad, they'll be fine for a little longer." Then DH asks her, "what if we couldn't afford to buy you a present for your birthday?" DD replies, "that's alright, Dad, Mom's giving me a party - - don't worry about it." Bless my soul!

Don't worry, DD did receive three new pairs of shoes for her birthday (that girl's feet are growing so fast!). Her daddy also snuck in some gummy worms, magnetic letters for the fridge, a ducky watch, and a couple other things. I got some donut holes for her b'day breakfast. She took Little Debbie strawberry shortcakes to school for treats. It's so sad that daycare and school won't allow you to bring homemade treats anymore!

DD is having eight little girls over for a party tomorrow afternoon. Strawberry Shortcake is the theme . . .

I just discovered that my blog is being "publicly traded" on here. This is too weird...

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